Thought for Today (10/10/2016)

After watching last night’s debate between Clinton and Trump (although I flopped back and forth to the football game), it was clear that the moderator’s were favoring Clinton, but it did not seem to help her.  Today, I am reading internet articles that declare Clinton won.

Clinton won?  Was there another debate other than the one that was shown at Washington University?  Let’s review the highlights (in my opinion):

  1. When Clinton said something to the fact that she is glad that Trump is not in charge of making laws in America, Trump responded with “Because you’d be in jail.”  I almost choked on the glass of milk I was drinking. Point Trump.
  2. When Trump reminded everyone of Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State where she sold weapons to ISIS, four American diplomats dead in Benghazi, and a couple other instances, she talked about Syria, but avoided ISIS and Benghazi.  Point Trump.
  3. When faced with answering for deleting 33,000 emails from her server AFTER getting a subpoena from Congress to provide them, she again refused to account for herself.  Point Trump.
  4. When asked about Islamophobia, Trump said to alleviate it Muslims need to report to authorities when someone in their community is known to be planning an attack.  He also said there needed to be a freeze on Muslims from certain regions of the world until they could be properly vetted.  Clinton then said we need a reporting system (same thing Trump said), she also wants random vetting to try and eliminate terrorists getting into the country.  Her lack of interest in ensuring all immigrants are properly vetted gives the point to Trump.
  5. When again asked about her private server, instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she screamed that there was no proof that her system endangered America and Americans.  The fact that she had an unsecured server where classified materials were sent, is the proof that she endangered America and Americans.  Point Trump.
  6. When asked to say something nice about their opponent, Clinton refused to do so and would only say Trump as nice children.  Trump complimented Clinton’s drive.  Point Trump.
  7. When asked about whether or not public officials should have a private view point that differed from their public persona, in a roundabout way she said sometimes it was needed.  So she basically admits that she says things that she may not agree with just to get votes.  Typical politician mindset.  Point Trump.
  8. When asked how a public servant of 30 years gets to be a multi millionaire, she did not answer. Point Trump.
  9. She asked Trump if he used loopholes in the tax system and he admitted he did.  For his honesty – point Trump.  He went on to say that so did her supporters Buffet and Soros.  For this – point Trump.
  10. When Trump ran out of time, Anderson Cooper and the other moderator started butting in immediately but would let Clinton to go on and on.  Only when Trump voiced what they were doing did they somewhat half-heartedly try to interrupt Clinton.  For bringing the bias out in the open – point Trump.

With these reasons alone, Trump was clearly the winner in last night’s debate.

I don’t like Trump, but I like Clinton way far less for her narcissism, lies, and evilness.  So given a choice between the two I will vote for Trump.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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