Thought for Today (1/8/2017)

I just came up from the basement where I have spent the last 3 hours going through old papers and documents to see what I needed to keep, and what I could get rid of.  In one of the large manila envelopes were some of my father’s papers, photographs, and other miscellaneous items.

After I thought I had removed everything, I looked in the envelope again and there at the bottom was what appeared to be a folded up note.  I took it out and on the paper in my Mother’s handwriting was “To Mom, from K____ and G____, Merry Christmas 1953”  Inside the folded up paper was a two dollar bill with the same creases as the paper.

My parents had given this two dollars to my Grandmother at a time when my Father grossed $17 per month and my Mother was not working.  It was also a time when my Grandmother was trying to make ends meet by baking and selling pies every day.  Yet, somehow the gift of two dollars was to Grandmother too precious to spend and it ended up in her little pocketbook.

Now this part is all supposition as my parents both have gone home to their final reward, but to my best guess, after Grandmother passed away in 1970, this two dollar bill with the note came back into the possession of my father.  When he passed away in 2002, I was left to clean out his house and determine which papers to keep and which to get rid of.  I spent the better part of a month cleaning out his house and never finished going through all the papers.

Those papers had been hauled around with me over the past 15 years and every now and again I would go through one of the envelopes.  Tonight was the last one I had to go through.  As it would happen, the very last thing I came across was a two dollar bill that went from my parents to Grandmother, back to my father, and finally to me.

Now, it will stay with me until my time to go home, and at that time I think I will pass it on to my son, who I hope will keep it to pass on to his son or daughter some day.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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One Response to Thought for Today (1/8/2017)

  1. Such a sad but uplifting story.

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