Another Thought for Today (01/21/2017)

A little presidential trivia.

The United States of America has had 44 different Presidents; 45 different First Ladies; and 48 different Vice Presidents.

The difference between Presidents and First Ladies is James Buchanan never married, and Woodrow Wilson and John Tyler both had two different wives while in office.

The difference between Presidents and Vice Presidents are some Presidents had more than one Vice President while a couple periods the office of Vice President was empty after the sitting President died and the Vice President became President.
The Presidents who had more than one Vice President includes:
James Madison had two: George Clinton and Eldridge Gerry;
William McKinley had two: Garret Hobart and Theodore Roosevelt;
Franklin Roosevelt had three: John Garner, Henry Wallace, and Harry Truman; and
Richard Nixon had two: Spiro Agnew and Gerald Ford.

Of our Presidents, nine were not elected to their first terms. They are:
John Tyler – William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia shortly after being elected.
Millard Fillmore – Zachary Tyler died of undetermined illness.
Andrew Jackson – When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
Chester A. Arthur – When James Garfield was assassinated.
Theodore Roosevelt – When William McKinley was assassinated.
Calvin Coolidge – When Warren G. Harding died of congestive heart failure.
Harry Truman – When Franklin Roosevelt died.
Lyndon Johnson – When John Kennedy was assassinated.
Gerald Ford – When Richard Nixon resigned.

Fourteen of our Vice Presidents went on to become President. They include:
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Martin Van Buren
John Tyler (was never elected)
Millard Fillmore (was never elected)
Andrew Johnson (was never elected)
Chester Arthur (was never elected)
Theodore Roosevelt
Calvin Coolidge
Harry Truman
Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson
Gerald Ford (was never elected)
George Bush

Another somewhat oddity is two Vice Presidents served two different Presidents. They were:
George Clinton was Vice President with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; and
John Calhoun was Vice President with John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson.


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One Response to Another Thought for Today (01/21/2017)

  1. Interesting trivia, except that the first sentence is wrong. You started that we have had 45 different presidents. The actual number is 44. #’s 22 & 24 were the same person, Stephen Grover Cleveland.

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