Thought for Today (3/9/2017)

Matt Bai of Yahoo News posted a story today entitled “Is Trumpism an existential threat?”  After reading his editorial, I felt a desire to respond.  Unfortunately, Yahoo would not let me post my entire response on there, so I get to post it here when freedom of speech is still allowed.

Here it is:

Matt Bai, your desire to further suckle at the teat of Obama is so evident that you cannot disguise it in the least bit. To blame Trump for the division in America is nothing more than the proverbial child’s reaction to getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

How exactly did this division come about? Rather than blindly accept the media and Democrat’s explanations, how about looking at what actually happened. When Clinton believed that her main threat was Saunders, she sabotaged his bid for the presidency. Then, when she faced off against Trump, she was spoon fed the questions for the debates by the media in an effort to give her the upper hand. Therefore the ‘debates’ were nothing more than covert advertisements paid for by the media for Hillary. These types of actions are what Nixon was impeached for, but let’s not let the voters know that because the media was co-conspirators in this.

When it became clear that Trump was going to be the Republican candidate after so many experts in politics and media had already declared he would never win the nomination, the Clinton campaign and the media again tried to belittle him and Republicans. That did not work and polls started showing that Trump was a viable candidate capable of defeating Clinton.

Clinton, tried getting an Obama assist to gain the lead on Trump and he gladly jumped into the Trump bashing and Clinton praising, thinking no one would go against him! That too did not work to derail support for Trump so Clinton tried insulting Republicans by stating anyone who supported Trump was a deplorable. The liberals all grimaced at the thought of having deplorable people amongst them while the people supporting Trump laughed and made light of it.

What Clinton downplayed and made her unacceptable to many was:

  1. When she was Secretary of State she allowed her wards to be murdered in Benghazi when assistance was readily available. Then, she blamed the attack on something she knew was not true to further the agenda of her boss, Barack Obama. If she was unwilling to protect four Americans who she was responsible for their safety, how could she be trusted with the safety of 310 million Americans?
  2. Also, while she was Secretary of State she set up a non-secure email account through a non-secure server to have classified material sent to her for her own benefit while disregarding the jeopardy she was placing America in by doing so. She tried to give herself plausible deniability by instructing her aide to remove any classification markings before transmitting them to her. Removing the classification markings does not declassify the material.
  3. When her server became a topic of concern, she started deleting emails left and right to destroy evidence against her. Over 30,000 emails were deleted and she thought she was safe. She failed to realize that even deleted emails that are scrubbed can be reconstructed by the FBI.
  4. When her aides were brought before Congress, many requested immunity from prosecution before testifying. If no crime was committed, immunity is not needed.
  5. She worked with others to ensure that she would be nominated and Saunders campaign would fail even though his campaign was more popular amongst liberals.
  6. She worked with the media to try and give herself a competitive edge during the debates which showed she felt she could not win without cheating.

It was Clinton’s own actions that made her unacceptable and swung many of her own Democrats to jump ship. After that, she tried sophistry and logical fallacies to derail the Trump campaign. There was the claim that Trump ridiculed a handicapped reporter; that was a lie, but some staunch liberals believed it. There was the claim that Trump was bigoted; that again was shown to be a lie, but the steadfast liberal troops believed it. There was the claim that she had always been a cornerstone for pro-choice, but her own speeches proved that to be untrue; and yet the hardened Democrats looked past it. She brought back the old “Obama isn’t even American” tactic that her own campaign manager in Iowa had started when she ran against Obama, but this time she tried to falsely blame Trump for being the catalyst for it.

Then the violent protestors started showing up outside every Trump rally.  Not only did they hold signs and chant, but they physically attacked anyone who disagreed with them and their liberal ideology.  Not once did you see violent masses protesting Clinton because civilized people believe in our Constitution and agree that people have the right to THINK differently.

In a last ditch effort to win, the liberals decried Trump supporters as fascists. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines fascism as: “a political system based on a very powerful leader, state control of social and economic life, and extreme pride on country and race, with no expression of political disagreement allowed.” If you break this down, which party does fascism point its evil finger at? Powerful leader – The Democrats have all declared that he is not a leader, so the point goes to the Democrats. State control of social and economic life; since the Republicans want smaller government with less control and the liberals want bigger government controlling all aspects of social life and the economy, the point again goes to the Democrats. Extreme pride on country and race; this one is more difficult as America is made up of people from a great many races. As far as pride in country though, Republicans take pride in America while the Democrats are still pushing for one world order, which by the way was the same thing Hitler was attempting in World War II. Therefore, based on country pride I give this one to the Republicans. Finally, on no expression of political disagreement allowed, it has been the liberals who have kept screaming that Trump is not their president and trying to stop everything he is legally trying to do. Even the Democrats in Congress are refusing to work with the Republicans on creating a better America instead of only toting the party ideology, so I have no choice to award the final point to the Democrats.

Now before you start cheering over winning the previous paragraph; when meeting the definition of something, the high score is the one that most resembles the definition. That’s right my fellow Americans, we have fascists amongst us and they answer to the name of Democrat. In a 1975 interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, Ronald Reagan said “You know, someone very profoundly once said many years ago that if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” He had the foresight to recognize it long before it became self evident.

After the inauguration, the unwillingness to accept political leadership other than their own was further demonstrated. At the women’s pro-choice movement the liberal brown shirts started destroying anything they thought was conservative related along the parade route. A limo was torched that turned out to be owned by a Democratic supporter. Starbucks was vandalized and so was Bank of America, both were huge supporters of Clinton. At the day without immigrants protests, which were based on the false pretense that Trump is against all immigrants, people were out en masse demonstrating against Trump’s desire to protect America from illegal immigrants who are criminals. He has never said that he wants to keep all immigrants out of this country that is all made of immigrants. Even Native Americans immigrated here from modern day Siberia. He said he wanted to build a wall of separation along our southern border to control access to America.

Also, yes they are illegal immigrants as they entered the country illegally. The argument that no human is illegal is false. In your own home country you are not illegal, but once you enter another country without proper permission, you are illegally there and therefore an illegal immigrant. They are also criminals because if you have entered the country ignoring that country’s laws concerning immigration, you have committed a criminal act. If you are not willing to abide by our laws concerning immigration, you cannot be trusted to abide by the other laws of the land. The southern border of America between us and Mexico is not only open to people entering illegally to look for a better life, but also to illegal narcotics and those who would want to gain access to America to disrupt and destroy America. It is hypocritical of liberals to want an open border between America and Mexico, but lock their doors at night to keep people out of their own homes.

When Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning immigration visas from certain countries until a better vetting process could be devised, he had done nothing more than previous presidents had done. Obama had banned immigration from several of the same countries during his administration and not one demonstration was held. Yet, when the liberals no longer held the front door key to the White House, all of a sudden it is an issue. Once again this is nothing more than hypocrisy.

When Trump supporters held a demonstration in favor of Trump in California, the counter protesters were there in force to physically try and stymie any expression of political disagreement with their ideology. The liberal ideology of peace at any cost was clearly contradicted by the actual actions of party members attacking and beating peaceful demonstrators. The tactics used are scarily parallel to the tactics of Adolf Hitler.

The press has shown their true colors alongside the liberals in reporting fake news and fanning the flames of dissent in doing so. Then, when one of the perpetrators (CNN) gets its hand spanked by not being invited to attend an off camera briefing, like that child caught with his hand in the cookie jar again cries foul and spouts ‘freedom of the press’. No freedom, including freedom of the press, comes free. In a civilized society even the press has a responsibility to print the truth, not non-factual stories to further an agenda. Integrity and ethics should be a standard for all Americans to include the press and politicians.

So, Matt Bai, I agree with you that the powers that be in Washington D. C. need to do something, but I don’t think it is what you want. The powers in Washington D. C. need to return civility to our country by holding any person or entity criminally libel for ‘fake news’ and/or false accusations during political campaigns and enforced with extremely high fines and jail time for those found guilty of malicious false accusations.

Thank you.


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