Thought for Today (3/15/2017)

On January 10th of this year I was given until April 10th to get my blood sugar down or face having to start insulin.  This all started a little over five years ago when I gained 70 pounds in two months after having a stroke shut down my metabolism.

Since that time I have been fighting to take pounds off pretty much to no avail.  First I tried getting back to active life by going out and cutting a cord of wood (8′ long by 4′ wide, by 4′ tall) every day with a chainsaw.  That may sound not that difficult, but cutting all that wood, carrying each piece up to the truck, putting each on the splitter and then stacking it takes a lot out of you.

When that had zero effect on my weight, I started dieting by reducing my caloric intake mildly at first, and then more drastically after a couple months.  Once again, I not only did not lose weight, I gained weight!  By then, a short year after my stroke, I was totally befuddled.

I spoke with a nutritionist who told me to continue exercising and keep my caloric intake around 1800 calories per day.  I did so and the weight gain stopped, but it did nothing more than drop me back to 250 pounds.

Four years later I was still sitting at 250 when the doctor looked at my blood and urine test results and said that word I have been dreading for five years; his lips uttered the word ‘diabetes’.  He then gave me four months to get my blood sugar and weight down.  From that day, I cut all sodas (pop, cola, whatever you want to call it).  I started looking for foods with no or low sugar (which is next to impossible!) and cut carbohydrates out of my diet.

I then started either walking outdoors or when I absolutely had to, got on the treadmill.  At least with the treadmill I can control the level difficulty.  I worked from doing 2 hours at 2 mph with a 12% incline (my treadmill only goes to 12%).  After that became less taxing I did two hours alternating between 2 mph at 12% and 3 mph @ 4% incline.  This seemed to burn more calories so I used this and increased the incline on the 3 mph laps to 6%.

The results would come out that I was burning about 800 calories per day with 55% coming from fat.  I would workout every day and at the end of each week I would jump on the scales only to see I had either lost 1/10th of a pound or gained 2/10ths!

So after all this ranting and raving about how my body is not cooperating, I guess my thought for today is:

Life is not always easy and fair, but you only have two choices:  give up and give in; or keep pushing for your goals and not let life beat you down.

I will continue to push for my goals and if insulin is unavoidable, I will take the medication while continuing to exercise my butt off and eating what is good, not necessarily what I want.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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