Thought for Today (3/23/2017)

Today a talk radio show talked about how millennials for the most part do not know how to change a light bulb.  The survey showed the vast majority would call their parents to help them if a bulb did go out.

This got me to thinking about a millennial who came into a retail store where I worked part time last December.  He wanted a car battery and wanted it changed out for him too.  It was 5°F outside with a wind chill of -20°F, and as we don’t have an indoor facility to do it, I was none too happy.  I told him he had to be outside to start the vehicle if needed (if I was going to freeze my butt off for someone for a measly $8.00 per hour, he was going to suffer too).  While I was changing the battery I asked him if he had ever changed a battery.

“Nope” he replied, “that’s why you’re doing it.”

I then asked him “do you know how to do it?”


“Have you ever changed the oil?”


“Do you know how to do it?”

“Nope, that’s what a mechanic is for.”

“You ever changed a tire?”


“Do you know how?”


I said “Funny how times change.  When I went to school we were taught how to change the oil, spark plugs, tires, batteries and other mechanical types of activities.  When my son went to school he learned the same things. I think maybe the school system is failing.”

I told him to start his car, which for a moment I thought he might need help with that too, but he succeeded.

The next day the manager told me the customer called corporate and filed a complaint, stating that I had belittled him.  I looked at the manager and laughed, “No, I think the education system belittled him by not teaching him how to be independent.  I made an observation and if he was hurt by that it does not say much for the future generation.”

The manager then told me if it happened again he would have to let me go.  I again laughed and responded “why wait?”  The next day I put in my two week notice with the addendum that I would not be changing any more car batteries during that time.  The manager acted shocked and actually tried to get me to change my mind.

So, if the vast majority of the millennials do not know the basics of being independent, how are they going to survive once all the baby boomers are gone?  Which brings me to the thought for today:

If you want to survive, you must know how to perform the most basic of tasks. ~ ME


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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