Thought for Today (4/3/2017)

I skipped a couple days posting which I should not do, but I have adequate reasoning for doing so.  Saturday, the 1st, was Mrs. Iowegian’s birthday.  It wasn’t one of those birthdays that ends in zero, but I decided to surprise her because our son, Little Iowegian’s birthday is on March 30th and we always seem to celebrate them together which means Mrs. Iowegian ends up prepping the birthday dinner on her own birthday.

This year I told my son to call his mother and tell her that he had to work on her birthday and therefore could not make it for the celebration.  I then had our daughter, Ms. Iowegian, call her mother and tell her that she could not make it Saturday.  Mrs. Iowegian was a bit depressed, but I promised to take her out for dinner and we could get together as a family next weekend.

The kids and their families were instructed to be at the Outback Steakhouse at 1:00 PM and be early.  They were also instructed to park out of sight.  The wife and I spent the morning looking at homes (we are moving) and then arrived at Outback right at 1:00.  As the hostess took us to our table, there sat our children, their significant others and the grandchildren.

My wife said hello to our daughter and then looked at our son and said “did you get off work early” before it hit her that everyone was there to surprise her.  We all sat down to a very nice meal and conversation.  We left the restaurant a hour and half later with all sated.

After Mrs. Iowegian and I got home, I proceeded to do some repairs that were needed before yesterday.  I finished up at 10:30 PM and we hit the bed for a well deserved rest.

Yesterday, we had multiple viewings of our home for sale and had to spend the day out and about with our dog, Gizzy-wegian.  By the time we were allowed to come back home, my mind was lacking any desire to write.

Now to today, a rainy overcast day (#14 in a row here).  My thought for today is:

No matter what the external conditions are, your own outlook is completely dependent upon your own mindset.

Look inside for positivity and it will outweigh external influences. ~ ME




About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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