Thought for Today (10/3/2017)

Homicide ~ The taking of another life with malice.  It may not be in a dictionary in that form, but it is commonly used to oppose inmates that are to be executed.  Today, a sad day for America, and France, gun control to prevent homicides seems to be a hot topic.  So, to put it into proportion, I looked at statistics from 2014 (which is the latest year I can get the vast majority of stats for).  Here is what I came up with:

In 2014, the population in America was 318,600,000 people

In 2014, the number of deaths in America was 3,552,608 (1.12% of the population)

Heart Disease was #2 at 17.84%

#3 Other (it does not say what all it entails): 16.87%

#4 Cancer 16.77%

#5 Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 4.36%

#6 Accidents 4.13%

#7 Stroke 3.95%

#8 Alzheimer’s Disease 3.11%

#9 Diabetes 2.24%

#10 Influenza 1.61%

#11 Suicide 1.24%

And way down the list at 4/10ths of 1% was homicide.  Suicide makes up 3 times the number of homicides and where is the outcry?  Diabetes, the vast majority caused by obesity, is almost 6 times that of homicides, where is the outcry?  Accidents, to include motor vehicle accidents, 10 times homicides, where is the outcry?   Chronic respiratory normally caused by smoking is 11 times homicides, where is the outcry?

“But wait” you think to yourself, “he left off the #1 cause of death in America!”

Yes, I did that intentionally.  The number 1 cause of death in America accounting for 926,190 deaths in 2014 is abortion (26%).  Abortions account for 65 times more deaths than homicides do with the main difference being in the case of abortions, the perpetrators know 100% of their victims, and yet this number 1 killer of Americans is considered off limits by the ones screaming the loudest to violate our second amendment right to bear arms.

I agonize for those who were killed or wounded by this madman who got his hands on automatic weapons.  This lunatic had automatic weapons and whether or not they were registered to him has not been communicated as of yet.  Did he slip through the cracks on background checks, or did he acquire them in the same method that many of the gang bangers across America have?  Would even more stringent laws have prevented him from acquiring automatic weapons?

I agree that the need for automatic weapons outside the military and law enforcement for law abiding citizens is pretty much nil.  But I do not agree with the alleged lack of need for semi-automatic weapons that more left leaning people classify as “assault weapons”.  I use an “assault weapon”, as they would call it based solely on its appearance for rodent control and target practice.  It has yet to harm a single soul.

To close out this thought, if you want to put your efforts to fight against something killing people off, go after something that kills more than 4/10ths of one percent per year.  Go after something that is taking out 16% to 26% of Americans each year.

The Rural Iowegian


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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