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OGD – Update

Operation Gold Dust is in danger of being cancelled out for this year.  After buying everything needed to head out to Colorado and panning for gold, my shoulder started hurting.  X-rays were shot and arthritis and a spur was discovered, … Continue reading

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Ban Humanity!

Guns have been used by people in several mass shootings – Let’s ban all guns! Vehicles were used by people to mow down people in New York, Paris, London, and who knows where else – Let’s ban all vehicles! Several … Continue reading

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Rural Iowegian, Criminal At Large?

Last night the police were called on me by my daughter’s now EX-fiancé.  He told them that I was on my way to beat him up.  “Wow! The Rural Iowegian a violent person” you ask?  No, I am not a … Continue reading

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