Thought for Today (12/20/2017)

If a Panamanian person says to you “Buenos Dias” and you respond in kind, does that make Panamanian too? If a German says “Guten Morgen” to you and you respond “Guten Morgen” back, are you magically converted into being German?  No, it is nothing more than being considerate to your fellow man. So when a person wishes you a Merry Christmas”, even if you are not a Christian, show that person the same consideration you would to a foreigner.

When a person greets you with “Merry Christmas”, they are not:

  1. Trying to convert you to Christianity;
  2. Being disrespectful to your beliefs or lack thereof; or
  3. Not being politically correct.

What they are doing is wishing you peace and goodwill.

By responding with “Merry Christmas to you too”, you are not:

  1. Converting to Christianity;
  2. Being disloyal to your own beliefs; or
  3. Being politically incorrect.

When a person is wishing you goodwill, not matter their religion and culture, be considerate and wish them the same goodwill. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (12/16/2017)

The place you are born into in the socio-economic ladder of society is nothing more than pure chance and to hold a grudge or jealousy against those born higher on the ladder than you is ignorance because they are no more at fault for where they are born as you are.

It is what you do with your life after birth that will be a direct reflection upon your character. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (12/13/2017)

You can’t build your future while holding on to the past. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (12/11/2017)

I had the most exciting and intelligent thought I have ever had this morning. In my exuberance I forgot what it was. I guess today is not the day that I, the Rural Iowegian, save the world. Sorry.

This is why all of the really wise people make all their mental notes on paper.

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Thought for Today (12/10/2017)

I had an experience the other day that has been bothering me.  I was at a office supply store where I was approached by an attractive young lady.  She struck up a conversation and complimented my knowledge about a specific item being sold at that store.  The compliment was consisted of her taking my arm while saying “I love a man who is knowledgeable about  things.”

I took my arm away from her grasp and responded with “First of all young lady, you are so young that you could be a child of mine.  Second of all, as you can see by the ring on my finger, I am very married.”  I have to admit I was flattered by the attention and compliment, so I ended it with “and third of all, thank you for the flattery.”

I thought for a second that would end this encounter, but it did not.  She then looked at me and asked “Are you happily married?”

I responded with “My happiness level with my marriage is irrelevant!  I gave a vow that contained “until death do us part” and that is all that matters.”

She explained further that she was fishing for a partner for her mother who she claimed people mistook for her twin who was currently without a partner.  This brought back something I had posted earlier and I told her “What makes you think that if I was willing to cheat on my wife with your mother, I would not be willing  to cheat on her too?” and walked away.

How far down the path of immorality have we come if people think it is okay to be unfaithful on a whim?  How shallow have we become if people are willing to throw away a marriage due to a little flattery?

Although I was not tempted, I am still in somewhat of a state of shock.

So my thought for today is:

Be true to your commitments because even if your partner never knows you broke the trust, you will know and no matter how hard you try, you cannot rationalize your actions. ~ ME


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Thought for Today (12/8/2017)

In days of yore, court musicians and jesters were there for entertainment and had they gone political they would have at least been thrown out of the kingdom and at most, well we all know that end of the spectrum and it would not have been pretty.

For the past score or so, the present day equivalent of those musicians and jesters (singers and actors) believe that those who play make believe all day should be taken seriously when it comes to affairs of state.

If I want political opinions, I would speak to those who are versed in affairs of state, not someone who sings about being born to run, or someone else portrays other people, both real and fictional, for a living.

I also wonder if these same people would be so ardent supporters of a socialist state if they were no longer millionaires living in their spacious homes, but living on $55K a year and in an average home.

Take your advice from someone knowledgeable in the subject.

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While I’m At It (12/6/2017)

A gift is not earned and it is not owed to you, it is a sign of gratitude and the value lies in the thought and effort behind it, not the cash value of it. ~ ME

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