Thought for Today (again)

There is no virtual technology that can replace the human need to be social. All attempts to do so are nothing more than tools of regression for the human race. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (1/7/2019)

One of the cheapest forms of therapy for those who might be dealing with PTSD, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, OCD, challenged communication skills, Grief, Relationship issues, Depression, Eating disorders, or Substance abuse is to write.

Writing helps you focus on the issue and what you want to address with that issue.

For those who have been following me since the beginning (God bless you all), you know that back on February 17th, 2012 I was unfortunate enough to experience a Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke) and I lost my ability to communicate. I knew in my mind what I wanted to say, but my mouth (when speaking) and my hands (when writing) didn’t know how to make the words make the journey to the proper transmittal port (mouth or hands). It was through this blog that I created new pathways to communicate in writing and it forced me to rebuild my vocabulary.

It can help you vent when upset by someone or something.

There are oft times when I am get, let’s say perturbed about something. I feel the need to express my thoughts and feelings on the topic, so I sit down and in a flash my fingers are flying across the keyboard. Most of the time I don’t post what I have typed out, as just getting out of my brain and on to the screen is enough to calm down. Once it is down and so am I, I can be completely done with it by hitting the delete button and watch it disappear.

It can help you cope with the loss of a loved one.

When you lose a loved one, there are things you still want to tell that person but while grieving, you don’t know how. In September of 2006 I lost my mother. She had been the one constant in my life from birth to her death. I had stuff that I needed to tell her but she was no longer there to allow me to do it. So, one day I sat down and hand wrote (now there is an oddity because I have arthritis in my hands and it is difficult to write with a pen) a letter to her telling her everything I had failed to tell her before her passing. I mailed the letter to her address and when we (my siblings and I) went to clear out her house, the letter was in the mailbox. I took it and held on to it until I went to visit her grave on the 1st anniversary of her death. I stood there at Mom’s grave and read the letter out loud to her and I felt the burden being lifted from me. I no longer write to Mom, but every year when I go to put flowers at her headstone, I stand there and talk to her. Writing about the grief is no longer needed for me as I get a sense of peace talking to her because my faith helps me to believe that she hears what I have to say.

Helping with Low Self-Esteem, anxiety, and/or depression.

I had low self-esteem for all of my adolescent life and quite a way into my adult life. The low self-esteem came from issues that I later had PTSD from, but that in itself is not a story I would like to share at this time in my life. Writing about why I had low self-esteem allowed me to not just think about the issues, but to see them in the words in front of me. It also allowed me to analyze what was written and debunk the sources of the issue. Too add to my fortune of debunking the issues, I had supervisors that saw in me what I could not. Their evaluations of me conflicted my self-image and I learned to look at myself in a new light.  I’ve had anxiety and writing about it helps cope with my thoughts and ease the anxiety. I’ve had depression too and to be able to sit down and write about my depression first of all subjectively and then forcing myself to look at it objectively, in the end helps slay the beast of depression that is gnawing at my soul.

Helping to deal with substance abuse.

I have been in recovery in this category for 26 years. Early on in my sobriety, writing about what I thought were the causes of my abuse forced me to realize that the trigger mechanisms for abusing were all in my head and not what I had used to justify my behavior for all those years. It was extremely beneficial in changing my mindset from an external to an internal locus of control. Once I shouldered the responsibility for my substance abusing, it created an environment that I could control and defeat it.

No matter what the issue, writing about it in a blog, journal, poem, or whatever media you want to use will help you deal with that issue.

Thus, my thought for today is:

When you have the blues for whatever is bothering you, write it down to start the healing process. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (1/4/2019)

China claims they are the first to land on the dark side of the moon, evidently they didn’t know that Pink Floyd did that in 1973. ~ ME  🙂

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Thoughts for Today (1/3/2019)

I’ve made all these points before, but it’s time for a reminder:

Someone who has different values than you does not make them a racist. Labeling them as such would make you a bigot and possibly a racist.

Someone speaking out wanting to secure their homeland from illegal entry is not hate speech. Calling for people to physically attack them at every opportunity is hate speech. Calling them a racist shows you as a moron; nationality has nothing to do with race in America.

Someone speaking out in support of capitalism does not make them a Nazi. Wearing a common uniform and physically attacking those who speak out in support of capitalism are the one’s emulating Hitler’s henchmen. It shows you using the same tactics the Nazi’s used on Kristallnacht.

Screaming at people who don’t agree with you does not make you a rebel, it makes you as an immature child.

Finally, to accuse a whole race of having privilege based upon the color of their skin is stereotyping and very racist.

This list could go on and on, but anyone with critical thinking skills can plainly see that the point is made.

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The Thought for Today (1/2/19)

Did you notice I got the year right on the title line?!?  It impressed me that I remembered to do it correctly. 🙂

My thought for today is:

You can give someone all the materials they need to improve their lives, but only they can pick the materials up and use them. If you continue to push the materials towards them, the likelihood of them picking them up decreases. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (12/31/2018)

Today is the last day of the present year. Although many believe it is a day to celebrate, I tend to look at it a bit differently.

During the past 365 days, we all have excelled at some tasks, fallen short in others; been good to some people and not so nice to others; had times of sorrow and times of happiness; times of collaboration and conflict; and times of seeing through the biases reported as truth and times of falling prey to the spin doctors.

Today is a time to reflect not on what we did well, but rather where we fell short during the year, making note to do better in the future. Not just for the new year, but from this point forward for the rest of our lives.

This brings us to the thought for today: If we all reflect on every today on how to raise ourselves to be a better person on every tomorrow, we’ll have no regrets about all the yesterdays. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (12/30/2018)

I have been ill of late, but still awoke at 3:00 AM with this thought in my head.

When you go to a foreign country either to pass through, visit for a  while or live there, you are expected to live by that country’s laws and customs, not for them to change to yours.

If you break their laws, you cannot expect them to shake their finger at you and send you on your way, but you can expect to be punished.  If fact, I know no other country than America that will just detain you for a brief time and send you back to where you came.

It never ceases to amaze me when people immigrate to America, wanting to leave their old life behind and then try to recreate what they left behind here.  Then, they want Americans to convert to their ways instead of assimilating into the American culture and laws.

The thought for today is:

Immigrating to another country is signing up for a new way of life, not a challenge to change others to your previous way of life. ~ ME

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