Ode to Macaroni


Ode to Macaroni

In quiet anxiety, I sit

Watching the oven door

Time slowly passes

While I wait in drooling anticipation.

The timer beeps

And I gently remove my prize

A baked macaroni caresses my nose

As I hide my joy.

I will share my wealth,

I will share my home,

I will share my thoughts,

But the slightly burnt cheese is all mine!

Having feasted to my fill

I sense a feeling of remorse

As others fill their plates

Oh well, this too will pass.

The blackened cheese is mine!


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Thoughts for Today (11/13/2017)

Ponder these four questions if you will.  Ponder them deeply my friend for I suggest what we consider true is not necessarily so.

Is there an absolute state of reality?

Can there be good if evil never existed?

Do we see the color of items or the color(s) they are not?

Without using the word competition, what is the antonym of competition?

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And Another Thought While I’m Awake! (11/11/2017)

Karl Marx said “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people“.

A man who pushed for communism through a period of socialism stating religion is the opium of the people is laughable.

Whereas capitalism supports religion and puts the responsibility of taking care of yourself, your family and your community on you through the precepts taught in religion, communism and socialism puts the responsibility for taking care of you, your parents, your family, your community and your country on the government thereby creating a sense of false security.

Social medicine in Canada costs less than it would in a Capitalist country, but you also have to wait for months or years to be treated.  Socialism in Venezuela resulted in extremely long lines for the basic necessities.  The same happened in Russia and Cuba.  Socialism promotes equality without effort; but where there is no effort, there is no wealth.  So, if it is socialistic equality, it will be everyone equally destitute.

So, to Marx I say “Socialism is the opium of the people, because when you are high on opiates you don’t realize how terrible your life is.” ~ ME

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Thought for Today (11/11/17)

On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, all guns fell silent and the war to end all wars was over.  It was 1918 and peace had finally returned to Europe, but what was the price?  So many dead and so many wounded, some with wounds that were not visible to the eye.  The hundreds of thousands of patriots on both sides of the conflict had marched off to war for a cause they believed noble and true.

A short 20 years later, Germany was at it again in Europe first by annexing Austria in 1938.  The following year they attacked Poland and World War II had begun even though it would be another two years before Hitler would declare war on America as part of their pact with Japan.  Once again patriots on both sides of this conflict marched off to war for the cause.  Many Americans went to England to get involved before America was pulled into the war to fight the spread of social fascism (socialism).  After millions die both by war and war crimes, Germany surrenders and Japan sues for peace shortly thereafter.  The war that after the war to end all wars was over.

In March 1950, an advisory group was set up to assist the French Indo-China Government.  Starting out with military aid in the form of equipment, that would change as time went on. This would lead to another conflict, but that is later.

Less than five years after the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II, on a Asian peninsula, located strategically between China, Russia and Japan, another despot determined to etch his name into history.  This despot came to power because two other nations (America and Russia) had divided the Korean peninsula in half and each put a puppet in power that was thought to be controllable.  At dawn on June 25th, 1950, the North Korean Army, being advised by Russian Generals, crossed the border between the two halves of this once beautiful kingdom in an attempt to unify the peninsula again under communist rule.  After the communists pushed all the way down the peninsula to what is now known as the Pusan Perimeter, America and the United Nations entered the war to aid the South.  Under American leadership the North Koreans were pushed all the way back to the border with China resulting in China entering the war and repelling the advancing allies.  Patriots on both side of the cause fought for what they believed was right.  Some fought willingly and others under duress or conscription.  After three years of fighting, the boundary between the North and South was basically back to where it began.  The fighting stopped with the signing of the Armistice (cease fire), but the war has never ended.

One year later, that military advisory group assisting the legionnaires was now orchestrating $350 million dollars worth of aid to the Southern half of the country which the Geneva Accords.  Once again what once was a sovereign Asian nation had been divided in two by outside forces from the West.  The two sides with America backing one and China and North Korea backing the other fought a guerrilla war until April 30th, 1975 (March 29th, 1973 for the Americans).  The difference between this one and the one in Korea; this one ended with that nation of Vietnam being reunified by the communist North.  Again, patriots on both sides, some willingly and some conscripted, fought for their cause even if the cause was just to stay alive.

For the next 10 years, while wars were fought by other nations, America experienced a respite from war.  Then in 1983, under the decision to free American students caught up in a political upheaval in the Caribbean, America invaded Grenada.  In four short days, American forces overthrew the People’s Revolutionary Government and returned Grenada to a country where the leadership is democratically elected.  Although, America was chastised by most of the world for its actions, the people of Grenada welcomed it as it returned Grenada to a democracy.  Once again, it was patriots on both sides of the cause fighting for what they believed in.

Then came the January 1990 invasion of Panama to take Noriega out of power.  This was a man that the U.S. had put into power at one time who no longer wanted to play by the rules and was determined to be a liability.  In 10 short days, America had Noriega in custody and returned Panama to democratic elections.

In August 1990 a coalition of allied forces built up in the Middle East to push Iraq back out of Kuwait.  Once again, a person who America had used to do its bidding in the Middle East had gotten out of control and had to be dealt with.  The actual combat was six weeks in length and left the Iraqi Army decimated.  While withdrawing, the Iraqis destroyed much of Kuwait under Hussein’s scorched earth policy.  By the end of the war, much of the scorched earth lay below combat vehicles left burning while trying to retreat back into Iraq.  Again, patriots on both sides of the war fought for their country.

Once again the US had a break from war while other countries still fought.  Then, Osama Bin Laden decided that the country that had helped him fight the Soviets in Afghanistan was no longer likeable and 9/11 happened.  The response was quite fast as American troops with other nations working together took the fight back overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Those who had cheered 9/11 were suddenly running for cover.  Hussein in Baghdad shouted his rhetoric while hiding in holes in the ground.  The Taliban screamed hatred against America while crossing the border into Pakistan to hide.  Al-Qaeda went on with it’s propaganda machine from hiding places in Pakistan.  From that day forward, American forces have been taking the fight to the enemies of our country on foreign shores to keep us from having to fight on our own.

Now, after this very wordy post it is time to get to the thought….

As long as there are evil people in the world who want to overthrow other nations for egotistical reasons, there is a need for patriots that will end in veterans.  You don’t have to thank them, they did it for country not for the gratification they might receive, but at least, show them a little respect for their sacrifices.  ~ ME

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Thought for Today (11/10/2017)

If you look at my genetic makeup, I am Scottish, Irish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Jewish, Scandinavian, Caucasian and Iberian. If you ask me who I am, I am an American. I served my country, not as a Scot, not as a Dane, and not as a Jew; I served my country as an American. ~ ME

No matter what your ancestry, if you identify by that background instead of your citizenship, maybe it is time for you to immigrate to your ancestral home.

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Thought for Today (11/8/2017)

Some people are claiming that congregations at churches are dwindling because Christians are stuck on history and not willing to keep up with the times.

My response to these is “Where is it in scripture that it says it is permissive to ignore the word of God on what you consider inconvenient to obey?”

You see it is not God who has strayed from us, but we who have strayed from God. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (11/7/2017)

A person who goes around finding problems at work and at home is a liability; whereas a person who finds solutions is an invaluable asset. ~ ME

Whenever you find a problem/issue/challenge, don’t take that to the boss or stop there, evaluate the issue and come up with a resolution and take that to the boss. This is the type of person that is valued.

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